Hi, it’s Kelly. Thanks for coming back to my blog. I hope it helps you or someone you know.

In my initial post I told you how I just completed a 30-day rehabilitation program for my addiction to methamphetamine, and that just before my treatment I gave birth to a beautiful girl named Kaitlyn.

I think the best way to start my story is to tell you about Kaitlyn’s father, my now ex-boyfriend Kurt.

Kurt and I met at a bar one night. I was at a bachelorette party for a friend, and Kurt was out drinking with some of his buddies. His group of friends chatted up our rowdy group of girls and bought us drinks.

I instantly noticed Kurt and was immediately attracted to him. He was tall with bright red hair. Normally I wouldn’t be attracted to red-haired men, but he had the bone structure and the body to pull it off. I flirtatiously teased him about his hair, and he bought me a shot called a “redheaded slut,” which I’d never heard of before and thought was hilarious. I went home with Kurt that night, and we were inseparable since then.

I had no idea when I met him and started dating him that he was addicted to meth.

Not only was he addicted to meth, but he also manufactured it in his home.

I knew he was intense and jumpy, but I just ascribed it to his personality and a love of caffeine. I had never been around meth or anyone who used it so I had no reason to be suspicious and no clue what signs to look for.

I knew he worked from home, but he said he was some kind of scientist. He claimed he did his research from home in the basement and was paid for his reports. I didn’t know enough about it to question him, and he always told me to stay out of the basement because of the toxic fumes. I took his word for it and never went down there.

I was madly in love with Kurt. We were so cute together, Kurt and Kelly. I moved into his place within a month of dating and bought us matching pillowcases and mugs with the letter K on them. I dreamed of us getting married and having children.

Any of Kurt’s odd behavior (twitching, scratching, going for long periods without sleep) I excused by thinking he was just an absent-minded scientist. I thought he was brilliant and that he just operated a little differently than others. If anything it made me love him even more.

Keep reading to learn how I got into drugs with Kurt.