Meth and Pregnancy Side Effects: What Are The Risks?

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Hey everyone. It’s Kelly from the land of the living, and today, I have a vital topic to discuss with everyone.

Every medical practitioner or doctor will tell you that meth and pregnancy don’t go together, and you will seriously put your life and your child’s life in danger with meth. Meth is among the most addictive drugs, and it is also the most widely abused substance in society.

I, personally, am shocked by those mothers who put their baby’s life in danger by using meth during their pregnancy. Even mild smoking can put a child’s life in danger. It has severe and adverse side-effects on the overall mental and physical health of the users, and it can rain a storm of negative consequences on the overall health of a pregnant mother and her child.

Meth While Pregnant Dangers

With the rising number of methamphetamine users, it makes sense that some of those users are pregnant mothers who just couldn’t quit the drug when they were expecting. However, science tells us that pregnancy and methamphetamines just don’t go together, and can harm the health of the mother and the child.

When I was pregnant with my little girl, Kaitlyn, I also made the mistake of indulging in this filthy habit. However, I am lucky that my meth addiction did not ruin my baby’s life, and my parents were there to take care of her and me at the same time. But most of you may not be that lucky.

Meth misuse during pregnancy is a rising public health issue, and it goes hand in hand with increasing rates of consumers of methamphetamines. A recent study of meth-related emergencies showed that over four hundred thousand people of reproductive age were consuming meth before they conceived. Another research showed that between 1995 and 2007, meth was the primary drug-related issue with pregnant mothers.

I still cannot believe that I went through an ordeal to understand how bad meth was for my baby. However, I wish somebody had told me these numbers and stats when I was pregnant.

Smoking meth while pregnant may seem like a form of escapism to pregnant mothers.

This drug appears to help with morning sickness, fatigues, and appetite-related issues, and it is known to cause the following feelings and emotions among the users:

  • Euphoria or extreme happiness
  • Heightened alertness or hyper-sensitivity
  • Increased energy levels or adrenaline rush
  • Irritability, irritation, and frustration (mostly on overdose)
  • Aggressive behavior or illogical behavior

These may sound like good options to escape from the pain of coping with the pains associated with the pregnancy, however, what the majority of mothers may not know is that this drug comes with severe consequences for the baby as well. I was one of those mothers. I used meth extensively to cope with my pregnancy pains, sickness, and I thought I was doing a good job at being pregnant.

These side-effects may include:

  • An abnormally rapid heart rate
  • Diaphoresis, profuse sweating from the glands
  • Hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Hyperventilation or difficulty in breathing
  • Increased or elevated body temperature
  • Seizures
  • Paranoia
  • Overdose

These negative side effects don’t only affect the host, but also the life she is carrying within.

Among the birth defects caused by drugs, meth is on the top of the list as the number one enemy of a child’s health.

This drug can cut off proper blood circulation (placental blood flow) to the fetus, and it may remain underdeveloped during the period of drug usage. When I was in my last trimester, I read about the blood circulation and the placental blood flow issues due to meth, and I remember crying all night long for what I had done. Luckily, my parents helped me push through, and I had a beautiful, healthy girl.

Moreover, these drugs consume and thrive on the natural water of the body. Once the host is extremely dehydrated or out of energy, this will impact the child’s health, and they will also be deprived of the necessary nutrients for happy and normal childbirth.

I’d also advice to know how long does it take for meth to get out of system? This information brings light on a period your health and a health of your unborn baby still at risk of meth traces.

The majority of maternal complications are caused due to malnutrition, unhygienic environment, and intense drug use. Indulging in drugs while pregnant can severely impact the mother’s health and the health of her unborn baby. I made a mistake of using meth while I was pregnant. I wish I knew the side-effects, but sadly, I loved being away from any pain and enjoyed my escapism. Thank goodness, my child did not get hurt. However, you may not be this lucky. You need to think of your baby first, and don’t make the same mistakes as I did. Be safe. Be educated. Be healthy.

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