Meth While Pregnant: How Could This End For Me

Hey guys, it’s Kelly again, and I’m lucky my meth use didn’t ruin my child’s chances at a good life.

It can be strange to think about mothers using drugs while pregnant with children. So many mother’s struggles to get pregnant or want nothing more than to have a healthy baby. Most women experience a miscarriage at some point in their life, and babies are an essential thing in their lives.

How could you put the life of your unborn child at risk? This child that never asked to exist or grow inside of you that you have decided to carry to term? Wouldn’t it have been easier to abort a baby if you were not going to give it a healthy start to life?

The reality of me being pregnant seriously never kicked in for me. I think I was probably about three or four months pregnant when I realized that a baby was growing, and I was too strung out all the time to come to terms with it.

Kaitlyn was a distant idea, a little thought bubble, and it never expanded from that. I was more excited about my meth use than a baby that could get in the way of that.

When I gave birth prematurely, and she was born with a cleft palate, I knew I had lucked out. She was alive and healthy, but I was not deserving of her. That’s why I went into rehab as soon as I knew she was okay and got myself clean.

Thank goodness my parents were there to help and support Kaitlyn while I fixed myself for her. The risks that I put her through were ultimately unacceptable as meth and pregnancy are definitely not meant to mix.

Meth babies birth defects are crazy common. She could have had brain damage, nerve issues, or been born without the use of all of her limps. Probably the most popular psychoactive drug is definitely meth, and it can be hard to stop for any reason, even pregnancy.

I don’t want to be judged for the dangerous choices that I ended up making through my pregnancy, but I think it’s okay if you judge me for that. I’m lucky my baby was born alive, that she was able to breathe, and that nothing else interfered with her development at all. Many other drug addict mothers are not so lucky.

If you use drugs and suspect you are pregnant, get help. Premature birth is a common side effect of drug use, and so is the baby being stillborn or having multiple health issues or brain damage. Your kid deserves better than that. I know mine did.

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