The wrong science

Hey, it’s Kelly again. I appreciate you coming back to read more of my story.

In my last post, I told you how I met the father of my child. I moved in with Kurt soon after the start of our relationship and was infatuated with him. Little did I know that he was cooking meth in the basement and was addicted to drugs.

At the time I was studying to be a nurse and working in a restaurant to pay for school. I was constantly tired and stressed from my exhausting schedule of classes all day and then working at the restaurant late into the night. Looking back, I think my crazy schedule is part of the reason that I didn’t notice something was seriously wrong with Kurt.

One night I came home from the restaurant, crying because I was so exhausted but had a test the next morning and had to stay up and study. Kurt rubbed my feet and listened quietly as I complained about my schedule and how tired I was all the time. Finally, he told me he had something that might help me.

As I said in my last post, I thought Kurt was some sort of scientist. I trusted him when it came to chemicals and medicine because I just assumed he was qualified.

Kurt handed me a little pipe and showed me how to smoke it. I was wary, because I had never smoked so much as a cigarette before in my life, and wondered why he wasn’t giving me a pill or some coffee or something. He told me that it was a type of medicine he was experimenting with that could help me stay awake and alert to study.

Well, he wasn’t lying about that. After a few puffs, I felt a rush of euphoria and energy, unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I stayed up that whole night talking to Kurt and studying frantically. I was jittery and scatter-brained, but felt great and did fine on my test from what I can remember.

I was instantly addicted, and soon Kurt and I were smoking together every day. By the time he told me that it was meth and that he was manufacturing it out of the basement, I was too strung out and addicted to care. I wanted more, and I didn’t care that it was dangerous and illegal. It made me feel amazing and get so much done.

Keep reading to find out what happened next.

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